Who We Are

Zionish was set up by a group of British Jewish students to broaden and challenge the debate on Israel and Palestine. We comprise of a number of students who have played a prominent role in both our Jewish and student communities.

The views represented on Zionish are solely of those of the individual author, and not any organisations he or she is associated with.


Aaron Simons – Aaron is a third year History & Politics student at Oxford University, an ex Oxford JSoc President, BBYO UK and Ireland madrich and lifelong suffering Spurs fan.


Ella Taylor-Fagan – Ella is a third year history student at Oxford University. She is a Boger of RSY Netzer and a member of Yachad Youth.

Bz Gilinsky – Bz is a third year History student at the University of Oxford, Noam UK boger and madrich, and obsessive Liverpool fan.


Emma Brand –  Emma has recently finished an English degree at Oxford and has yet to start real life. She is a Madricha in RSY-Netzer, and recently led Israel Tour.

Ben Goldstein – Ben is a recent PPE graduate from Oxford University, an ex-host of radio show JewkboxOx, a proud boger and madrich of RSY-Netzer, a recovering student journo and thesp, and is currently on a gap year in Israel. He also once wrote a blog about his quest to seek out fine British cheese.

Chesney Ovsiowitz – Chesney is a third-year English and French student at Oxford currently in exile in Paris. He once lived on a kibbutz for three months, and once in a three-bed Jerusalem apartment with 11 other people for one month. He is a Noam madrich and is rarely seen wearing anything that isn’t black or white.

Natasha Spreadborough – Natasha is a Middle East researcher at the Moshe Dayan Center in Tel Aviv, specialising in the Israel/Palestine conflict. She previously lived in London, where she was a world-weary graduate student at SOAS, University of London, and an enthusiastic new member of the Reform Jewish community. She enjoys strong coffee, opinions, and politics.

Daniel Rey – Daniel is a second year Arabic & History student at the University of St Andrews. He is involved in student journalism, is a proud politics nerd, and lifelong fan of The Economist

Ezra Margulies – Ezra, otherwise known as “Monaco” or “evil goat”, graduated in 2015 from Oxford University with a BA in Jewish Studies, and currently works as an editor for the Littman Library for Jewish Civilization.

Noah Lachs – Noah studies English Language & Literature at Oxford University. He is uncomfortable with writing a bio as he doesn’t want Zionish to feel like Tinder.

Joel Collick – Joel is a second year History student at Cambridge, former JSoc President and current Israel Society President. He’s not as interesting as Noah Lachs.

Carter Vance – Carter is a student of Social Work at Algoma University in Sault Ste Marie, Canada. He holds an Honours B.A. in Psychology from the University of Ottawa, and was co-chair of the University of Ottawa New Democratic Party and VP Training of the English Debating Society during his time there. He has written on a number of topics of public policy for The Moderate Moose and on his personal Medium page, and has a weekly column at Thee Westerner.

Jonathan Shamir – Jonathan is a recent Cambridge graduate in English Literature and is due to start a Masters in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. He once wove his university laundry basket with his bare hands.